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Prepared To Take Your Energy Claim To Court

Let us make one thing clear – we are pro-oil and pro-energy.  It is our goal, however, to make sure that you are treated fairly and paid every dime you are owed. Most of those who have been taken advantage of never fight back. The companies expect their opposition to fold, even if they’re in the right. Our goal is to change that.

You deserve high-quality counsel too. If you call us, you will get it. Our Houston-based attorneys are not afraid of prosecuting a claim or defending you in court, even if we are up against one of the most powerful oil and gas companies in the world.

Doing What It Takes To Protect Your Rights

In our considerable practice, our lawyers have come face to face with some of the dishonorable, outright criminal tactics that people and companies in the energy sector use to take advantage of landowners. We have unwavering commitment and determination to hold energy companies and other parties accountable. If we are able to get a bad actor off your land, we will help you find one of the many respectable operators who have shown us through their actions (and not just words) that they can be a trusted partner.

To that end, we are completely serious about litigating a case to completion. We will advise you of your options and the time and resources at stake. When the opposing counsel learns that we are serious about taking them to court, that is when they are usually ready to do the right thing.

Always Representing Landowners  Energy Companies

Our trial lawyers represent both plaintiffs who are filing a lawsuit and defendants who are being sued. However, one thing always remains the same: We represent landowners and only landowners. Whether we are representing you in an energy dispute, a business law matter or a contractual dispute, when you work with us, you have the assurance that we are not secretly taking meetings with the oil executives or accepting kickbacks. We are on your side, 100%.

Discuss Whether Litigation Is The Right Choice For You

If you are ready to stand up for your rights in court, Gibson Wunder, PC, is ready to help you. We provide free, no-risk consultations. Schedule yours today by calling us at 713-766-9076 or by using our online contact form. We serve clients in Houston, Odessa and throughout West Texas.