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Devoted To Helping Texas Landowners Resolve Conflicts

Gibson Wunder, PC, protects the rights of landowners, refineries and pipelines in Houston, Odessa, and all throughout the state, particularly West Texas, in energy-related land disputes. We have successfully taken on some of the most powerful oil and gas companies in the world. As a result, we have a reputation as fighters who never give up when it comes to doing what is right for landowners.

Our attorneys bring extensive knowledge, passion and experience to the firm. Ethan Gibson is the son of a trial attorney; he also has advanced technological knowledge that he uses in discovery. Brian Wunder used to work as a lawyer for energy companies, which gives him insider knowledge of how the other side works. Learn more about our team:

Big Advocates For The Little Guy

We don’t represent operators. You don’t have to wonder whether we are having brunch meetings with the oil executives. We are on the side of the little guy. When you work with us, you get personal service and hands-on help from your lawyer. Our top priority is to get the results you need without having to compromise on your goals or escalate a conflict unnecessarily.

Committed To Courage, Strength And Integrity

We have seen the underhanded methods that energy companies use to try to win. Mr. Gibson once stared down a billionaire who chased him in a helicopter. A contamination expert we hired had to walk 11 miles in 100-degree heat after the bad guys stole his truck. One company was stealing resources so far into our client’s land that no one would have found us if we went missing. These scare tactics do not intimidate us. Instead, they inspire us go above and beyond for our clients – and never to compromise our integrity.

Discuss Your Rights As A Landowner Today

When you need attorneys who can back you up and take on powerful corporations, Gibson Wunder, PC, is in your corner. We offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in touch with us. To get started, please call us at 713-766-9076 or send us an email.